Business Summary


Add value to existing data.
Connect business and data

Technology has made it easier to retrieve previously difficult data and manage and process vast amounts of data.As a result, we are able to add new value to our services.
Creativehope aims to add value to Your Company 's existing data by supporting the development of management applications, from new hypotheses and possibilities, such as optimizing business flows, reducing costs, forecasting future sales and identifying future business issues.

Consulting to specialize the value and utilization of data

In our think "data hub" refers "Data utilization methods to create added value for new services". It's important to be able to leverage what you have, and to rethink your data from a new perspective and find value there.
Datahub Consulting not only supports the use of data in response to challenges, but also supports data management, data collaboration, and content development that lead to business reforms and the creation of new services from both the business and technical sides.

Support for data analysis and structuring

In order to take advantage of data that is scattered everywhere, it is necessary to organize and integrate the way that data should be, such as deduplication, standardization of presentation methods, and conversion into a form that is easy to coordinate with various external tools.
With our in-house development team, we are able to meet the business challenges identified in our consulting engagements on the technical side, increasing the value of Your Company 's data and helping to drive our business forward.

data analysis pilot model creation

It is now possible to find correlations and causal relationships through data analysis such as deep learning and machine learning.Data collected from different sources can be used to derive predictive and learning models from which services can be added value.
Our specialists use a variety of tools to add value to Your Company data based on their challenges.

Technology tools we deal with

data pipeline

Enables collection, aggregation, and real-time processing of data that is scattered across multiple locations and continues to grow


Collect the data your business needs and realize a data warehouse that creates new value
・Google Bigquery
・Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Restructure forecasts, recommendations, and feature extraction by purpose to create data that provides new value
・Azure MLStudio
・Google Cloud Machine Learning
・Apache Spark


Easily mine and visualize value
・Google Datastudio
・Jupyter Notebook

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