Business Summary


Making Money Services
More Convenient with Technology

Today's financial business transcends industry barriers, and with the emergence of different industries and startups, we are expanding the value of our services while reducing our distance from our customers. Also we can create high value-added services by linking finance with existing businesses from a marketing perspective.
Creativehope takes advantage of this trend to help build a new service model UX that transcends barriers previously thought unfeasible. Realize a new era of business with user-first financing services.

Build a user-first touchpoint

As more communication services emerge and users choose services that are more relevant to them, there are also many touch points. Service development requires that Your Company target users build points of contact for commonly used tools. We will build a user-first touch point using our tools, wisdom, and experience.

Promotion of use based on CRM

As user needs diversify, there is a growing demand for financial services that analyze the behavior of each user. Now that it is becoming easier to visualize the information associated with usage and actions as data, we support the creation of a system to ask each user's website smartly based on information distributed in various places.

Building a new service model

Technological developments and changes in the thinking of the times are leading to changes in required services and directionality. At present, the concept of "Money" and "Value" is shifting from a multifaceted perspective, and blockchains and other technologies are enabling us to accelerate this trend. Seizing this change as an opportunity, we will maximize our technology and create new value for our Fintech business with Your Company.

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