About CRH



We aim to create a hopeful society in which everyone has a choice, using "knowledge" and "TECHNOLOGY".


Beyond the Border

We will always challenge ourselves to create new value beyond all borders with free thinking.

What we aim for

Our mission is to create a more affluent society by making full use of the "Knowledge" and the latest "TECHNOLOGY" that we have cultivated.
Our idea of affluence is that everyone has a choice. Now that everything is changing fast, will common sense apply to tomorrow as well? We at CREATIVEHOPE challenge the essence to create new options by questioning the norms in front of us.
Along with our vision of "Beyond the Border" we will continue to create new value by transcending the boundaries of society's borders.

Representative Message

CREATIVEHOPE will continue to take on challenges in order to be a customer's partner, and will use its knowledge and technology to realize the development of business.

Our Company is a consulting and technology company that transcends the "Border" to create the future. It encompasses the customs and assumptions that are taken for granted, as well as the collaboration between departments and companies that are thought to be difficult.
We have a very long relationship with our customers.The reason you chose is not low cost, nor is it to adjust everything customer says.
Because we are in an era of uncertainty, we always make challenging proposals from a new perspective, with free thinking.
Realize business from a business strategy and marketing perspective.
Turn strategy into surprise and empathy through creative work that no one has ever seen.
To build a system that is small and can change flexibly with the times.
CREATIVEHOPE's concept is to realize all of this by working with customers.

CREATIVEHOPE has professionals in a variety of specialties.
For further growth, we will continue to take on new challenges as a team, leveraging our expertise in consulting, digital marketing, creative work, system application development, and service development, and proactively work to increase new options for society.

We will continue to make efforts to make further contributions to our customers' businesses. We ask for your continued support.

April 3, 2017
President and CEO
Yoshinobu Katori

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