Business Summary

Growth Hack

Empowering Your Business, Empowering Your Organization with Technology

The mission of our "Growth Hack" business is to push our customers' businesses to the forefront with the latest technology and our wisdom. We will contribute to the improvement of productivity in Japan's marketing and sales fields by developing high-value-added services and solutions that bring "Businesses Lagging Behind Digital Technologies" to a new stage.

Multi-channel UX/CX design

For target communications, both B2C and B2B will provide an optimal UX/CX design in multi-channel.We will assist you in technical aspects such as API integration, interface, and application development for each system to realize more seamless UX/CX.

Interorganizational Support through Technology Deployment

For the sales and marketing departments, there are many cases where the final business goals are the same, but the organizational and role barriers create backlash and impede the achievement of those goals.
We aim to improve productivity as a business and organization by optimally using the latest tools such as MA, SFA, DMP, and communication tools.With the introduction of new technologies from the standpoint of a third party, we aim to achieve a more productive business by linking the previously difficult departments.

Development of marketing human resources and creation of task forces

In addition to digital marketing, it is not easy to recruit people with comprehensive knowledge of business innovation and creativity. We not only solve issues on a wide range of topics, from strategic concepts to content, business design, measures and technology evaluation, but also support the development of digital team leaders and the creation of digital task forces.

Suggest the right technology tools

We select tools that meet specific needs and develop interfaces tailored to the needs of users in your Company, in addition to introducing, establishing and supporting their use.

Technology tools we deal with

MA/CRM tools

・Hubspot ・Marketo
・Mautic ・Customer Rings
・marketing cloud etc...

Web Hospitality Tools


Data Management Tool

・Google big query ・Rtoaster
・Azure SQL Data Warehouse
・Elastic Search
・Treasure Data

External DMP


Analysis Tools

・Google Analytics
・Adobe Analytics
・MIERUCA ・keyword planner
・Similar Web ・user dive other

BI tools

・Power BI
・Google datastadio


・MovableType ・PowerCMS
・Adobe Experience Manager

EC system


Communication Tools

・Backlog ・Basecamp ・Slack

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