Business Summary

Connect Bay

A delivery platform that efficiently delivers messages to LINE users

This is a platform that links your LINE account with your customer information to deliver messages to designated end users. The service can be connected to LINE and various social networking services. and enables segmented distribution based on user behavior, enabling effective communication to end users.


Technology partner with LINE


Unique planning case results


Cooperation with other services

Support not only for delivery, but also for "what" and "how" to deliver.

Connect Bay is more than just a solution to deliver information to a target audience. What should be delivered and how it should be delivered is the key to the policy." Connect Bay" also supports the best content for the target audience.

Example of ConnectBay support

Fusion with offline in DDDisc

  • Encourage natural registration
  • As part of O2O measures
  • Over 90% conversion rate
*DDDisc is a service that allows you to embed a unique code into a badge as part of the design, and by reading the code on the badge with your smartphone, you can get original content.

Fusion of location and delivery

  • Capture potential needs
  • It can also be used to attract customers to stores

Display of congestion map

  • Provides information on congestion in surrounding areas based on actual data.

Introducing case

【Administrative organ】
Support for hospital availability information regarding of COVID-19

By linking the prefectural government's reservation database with LINE, we have made it possible for hospitals to accept individual reservations.

【Professional sport club】
Realizing the campaign for app DL and campaign that does not interfere with actual operations

Utilizing DDDisc for Line for fan club members to deliver exclusive content. This has made it possible to conduct promotions aimed at further increasing engagement.

Pursue further effectiveness not only through distribution, but also in conjunction with overall website measures.

In addition to LINE registration and message distribution, we can also provide integrated support for overall web marketing measures, such as promoting customer attraction, further expansion of content, and improvement of customer satisfaction. For example, if you want to lead people to your website after they register for LINE, but there is still space for improvement on your website, please contact us. We will provide you with an integrated proposal in cooperation with the Growth hack division, where specialists in various fields gather.

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